Drawing Board Farm
Equine Sculpture by Janet Bailey Burch
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Artist Statement

My farm is called Drawing Board Farm because it's the perfect "surface" to create on. Living and working on the farm means looking out any window and seeing horses in the field. I paint what I see... and I see horses, dogs and cats!

Being with these animals on a daily basis naturally make them the primary focus of my work. From years of teaching, training and show judging I feel fortunate to have gained a thorough knowledge of the structure of the horse. I feel free to push or pull his form and colors to suit my ideas.

Forms? The many phases of a horse's gaits give me a lot to work from. Ideas to emphasize, highlight and even exaggerate... but never losing the original identifying motion. My love for dogs has driven me to add them to body of work. Canines (felines, too) have always been part of the horse world and now they are a part of my artwork!

- Janet Bailey Burch